Non Surgical Plastic Surgery Beverly Hills, Los Angeles

Non Surgical Plastic Surgery Beverly Hills, Los AngelesNonsurgical treatments offer noninvasive body improvements to patients who visit our expert in non surgical plastic surgery in Beverly Hills. Not only do these options let patients avoid needing major recovery afterwards, but many of these procedures also offer temporary or permanent enhancement depending on treatment goals. Here is more about the nonsurgical procedures that our surgeon performs.

Skin refreshing techniques are among the most popular nonsurgical options offered by our Beverly Hills non surgical plastic surgery expert to Los Angeles patients. Leathery skin caused by sun exposure can be treated easily with these procedures, which also work well for age spots, unwanted moles and some skin cancers. Scars resulting from acne and unsightly spider veins are also potential targets of skin resurfacing treatments.

Los Angeles, Beverly Hills Non Surgical Plastic Surgery

Our expert in non surgical plastic surgery in Los Angeles offers his own Diamond facial sculpting treatment at his office in Beverly Hills. By injecting filler into the bones of the face, our plastic surgeon can change facial appearance dramatically. Jaw bones, cheek bones and chin bones all respond well to this procedure. Because this technique can be personalized according to treatment goals, it can create truly amazing transformations for recipients.

Botox is, for good reason, one of the most popular non-surgical plastic surgery options used today. Performed by our talented Los Angeles non surgical plastic surgery expert at his Beverly Hills office, Botox promises results for patients who prefer non-permanent alteration of their looks. Wrinkles, fine lines and laugh lines can be targeted by this treatment, which is administered under the skin and wears off after several months. Because Botox is temporary, patients can revise their goals at successive sessions if they desire.

Non-invasive cosmetic enhancement is available at our Beverly Hills office for patients who want to improve their looks in an easier way. After undergoing non-surgical treatment, patients can generally return to work or school right away, which makes these options even more convenient. A consultation with our plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills can be scheduled to learn more about non-surgical treatments and the issues for which they are recommended.


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